More Than Kicks & Punches





The Fast Track program will be beneficial if you would like to

receive the same quality training at a quicker pace.  Quality is

NOT compromised; and all belts are EARNED. The program

guarantees preparation for Blackbelt Apprenticeship in 2 years

or LESS if the guidelines are followed and you pass your underbelt


The Fast Track program is designed to reduce set-backs in motivation, and help you to reach your goal of becoming a Blackbelt Martial Artist sooner than with our regular program.  You or your Fast Track child can maintain dedication, focus, and personal motivation with constant study and advancements! Job changes, schedule changes, and relocation often stand in the way of students becoming Blackbelts in today’s fast paced world. In this program you are guaranteed to test for your Blackbelt Apprenticeship in 2 years or LESS. 

Many students who plan to pursue law enforcement, security, upper level management or traveling jobs can benefit greatly from this Blackbelt program! Join this specialty program to quickly propel yourself and become our next Certified Sensei! 

You will have 36 private lessons to use throughout your Belt advancements. 

  • All basic safety gear and your Enrollment package (uniform, t-shirt, etc.) will be included. 
  • You will receive a skill and knowledge analysis 90 days before your Pre-Blackbelt test. 
  • You will attend your weekly group classes as well as your private training sessions. You and your instructor will coordinate your private lessons to fit your busy schedule. 
  • Other styles often test for Blackbelt much sooner  because they have much less material than we require for Blackbelt. Generally it takes 4 to 5 years of constant study and class attendance to be ready for Pre-Blackbelt testing. You are guaranteed to be prepared to test in 2 years or LESS.  
  • You will NOT be required to take all pre-tests (stripe tests), but a few will have to be done due to the amount of material that must be covered. But, all pre-test fees are included. Regular underbelt testing and all applicable fees still apply. 
  • You will be training under the students of a world-renowned Blackbelt Hall of Famer & Lifetime Achievement Award recipient who has trained several adult and children World Champions!