ages 7 to 12


Juniors will be taught the foundations and beginning values of

martial arts, it's history, it's practices, as well as basic self-defense

for children as they learn to gain and improve focus in all areas.

From building the confidence of a shy child to helping children

who are in need of structure and discipline, this program will help your child develop his/her true self.  Children will learn the value of building themselves as strong young people.

This program is an excellent means of instilling students with the 
confidence, self-discipline, self-protection and motivation needed to resist peer pressure and lean to be a leader with strength, courage, and confidence!  The program helps develop the skills necessary to cope with the problems and expectations of children in today's world.  Students will learn how to interact with adults and other children respectfully as they maintain strength.  While becoming mentally and physically stronger, the class is new and different each and every day!  Your child will gain knowledge of the martial arts through world-class instructors who specialize in the ancient art of Karate and who have had experience working with all personalities and ages of students. 

This exciting class in designed to accept beginner students at any time, or "graduates" of our specialized Mighty Ranger program.  Belt testing and promotions will help your child appreciate practice, dedication, and hard work.  Belt ceremonies will be a time when parents, family members, and friends can gather to celebrate children and their accomplishments as a developing martial artist!  Your child will learn, practice, and develop many new and interesting skills to utilize as they grow both physically and mentally in these influential years.            

More Than Kicks & Punches