The Mighty Rangers program is designed to teach boys and girls

ages 3 through 6 the foundations of martial arts while improving

discipline, physical and mental coordination, and self-control.

Game-like activities are incorporated into a structured

environment to ensure a fun and exciting new learning experience for your child each day!  Kids love karate!  

In addition to regular physical activity, the program offers an emphasis on focus and concentration in a fun, safe, and 
structured atmosphere!  Students also show and receive respect in safe surroundings.  Children need structure and consistency.  The program helps teach children the social skills needed to interact with other children as well as adults, such as teachers when they begin school.  It gives your child the firm ground work required to grow physically and intellectually throughout their development and our instructors put an emphasis on respect.

​From basic counting to following directions, the program offers something for every child in any stage of development throughout these formative years!  Created by Shihan White, the program prepares all students for the academic and social challenges ahead!  This is a great teaching opportunity for you to share with your child; you can watch your child learn and then work together at home.  There will be many opportunities for you to do things together as a unit...parent & child.  Belt testing and promotions will help your child appreciate practice, dedication, and hard work.  Belt ceremonies will be a time when parents, family members, and friends can gather to celebrate each child and his/her accomplishments as a developing martial artist!            

girls & boys ages 3 to 6




More Than Kicks & Punches